Honor 20’s new Bluetooth technology boasts an incredible range of up to 265 metres

Honor has announced a new enhanced Bluetooth technology that boasts a long range that’s probably better WiFi. This is enabled by its own developed HiSilicon Hi1103 wireless chipset and the Honor 20 is the first smartphone to get it.

According to Honor, this enhanced Bluetooth feature can work in optimal performance up to 200 metres. Using AI, it can intelligently detect environmental factors and automatically improve the strength of its Bluetooth signal. During their tests, they could connect the BeatsX Bluetooth headphones to an Honor 20 up to 244.33 metres for music playback and up to 265 metres for audio calls.

The smartphone maker claims that its Enhanced Bluetooth feature is superior to typical Bluetooth connectivity as it can better manage wall and architectural obstructions to maintain a steady connection. For demanding usage, there’s a high-speed Bluetooth mode which doubles its transmission power and it even works with Bluetooth headsets. To maintain power efficiency, the high-speed mode is only enabled when it’s required and this is managed by its own AI detection process.

Honor also added that WiFi connectivity can also affect its Bluetooth performance as there’s overlap in antenna and radio frequency usage. To overcome this issue, the Honor 20 can also intelligently balance out between WiFi and Bluetooth operations for an optimal experience.

For greater peace of mind, Honor iterates that its enhanced Bluetooth feature is compliant with the international standard of electromagnetic wave. Unfortunately, there are no data transmission figures for this new Bluetooth technology. If you really want to transfer files wirelessly, it is recommended to do it via Huawei Share which uses both WiFi and Bluetooth.

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