PSA: RFID toll lane only deducts from eWallet, not from the TNG card

Touch ‘n Go has recently introduced PayDirect, which allows you to link your physical TNG card to your eWallet. As a result, you can pay using your eWallet balance whenever you tap your TNG card or use it with a SmartTAG when paying for tolls.

However, it appears there’s some confusion when it comes to RFID lanes. Some may think that it is possible to use your TNG card balance if the eWallet balance is low. Unfortunately, this isn’t how PayDirect works and the reality is that RFID can only deduct from the eWallet.

To recap, PayDirect is a feature which allows you to deduct your eWallet balance when you use the TNG card. If your wallet balance is low, it will use the physical card balance BUT this is only applicable when you’re using it on Touch ‘n Go and SmartTAG lanes (SmartTAG required).

Do take note that PayDirect is currently available for toll payments at supported highways. This means you would still need to maintain a healthy physical card balance if you’re planning to use your TNG card for parking and on non-supported highways.

If you’re driving an RFID-tagged car into the RFID lane, it will only use your eWallet balance. You can’t use your physical TNG card balance to pay for RFID usage. In short, you must always ensure that you have sufficient eWallet balance at all times in order to use RFID.

For greater convenience, you can always enable credit card auto-reload on the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app. You can set how much to reload and when to reload, and there’s no extra surcharge to use this feature. Once you’ve set this up, you won’t need to worry about topping up your Touch ‘n Go eWallet before driving through the RFID lane.

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