Touch ‘n Go solves the biggest problem with its e-wallet

Touch n Go eWallet top up

When Touch ‘n Go introduced its card linking feature on the Touch ‘n Go app, many had requested the ability to top up their physical cards from their e-Wallet. 

Now it appears that they have finally addressed the issue. Touch ‘n Go is rolling out a new feature which will make your TNG Card “top ups” easier than before. 

Beginning tomorrow, 8th December 2018, your TNG Card can be used as a “physical” eWallet. This allows you to tap your TNG card at the toll booth and it will deduct the charges from your eWallet instead of your normal card balance. As a test phase, this new feature will be available only at Duke highway. 

Essentially, your physical TNG card is now linked to your eWallet and you can add up to 3 card into your Touch ‘n Go eWallet app. By default, it will deduct your eWallet amount first. If it isn’t sufficient, it will then deduct from your physical card balance. 

Similar to Touch ‘n Go RFID, it will not show your account balance at the toll booth display if the toll charges are deducted from your eWallet. With this implementation, this will eliminate the need to top up your physical Touch ‘n Go card for highway toll payments. Just ensure that you have sufficient balance in your eWallet and you’re good to go. You can top up the eWallet via online banking, or via credit and debit card with no additional surcharge. 

To enable this, just add your physical TNG card to your Touch ‘n Go eWallet. The app will also display your current card balance (updated within 48 hours) and you can also check if the card is still valid for usage. 

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If you haven’t tried Touch ‘n Go eWallet, it is available for download on Android and iOS devices. Take note that this is only available starting 8th December and you can only use it at the following toll booths in the first phase:

Duke 1

• Plaza Tol BatuPlaza Tol Ayer Panas

• Plaza Tol Sentul Pasar

Duke 2

• Plaza Tol Segambut

• Plaza Tol Sentul Pasar Tambahan

The feature is available on both Touch ‘n Go and SmartTAG lanes. More highways in the Klang Valley will be supported in the near future and we hope this will be extended for public transport.

For more info, you can check out Touch ‘n Go’s microsite.

UPDATE: Touch ‘n Go E-Wallet now offers auto-reload via credit card.

Alexander Wong