We need to talk about the OPPO Find X…

When OPPO launched their brand new flagship smartphone, the OPPO Find X, I was stunned. Of all the phones that were launched in 2018 thus far, I can’t believe that the handset I was most excited about was a smartphone from OPPO. The same company that has built a name for themselves selling overpriced selfie centric smartphones.

The OPPO Find X was different. I thought it was easily the most innovative move in smartphone design this year. However, as is always the case, whenever there are people trying something new, there will always be doubters. People who say it won’t work. People who say it can’t work.

If you want to learn more about the OPPO Find X, check out our announcement post. OPPO also launched Lamborghini special edition Find X with SuperVOOC. Yes, it can fully charge in 35 minutes.