Just how fast is CONNECTme’s satellite broadband service when it rains?

ConnectMe speedtest

If you don’t have access to fibre broadband and 4G LTE, CONNECTme might be your next best alternative for high-speed connectivity. Launching on 8 March this year, CONNECTme is a satellite-based broadband service that promises 100% coverage throughout Malaysia.

Since it uses satellite, weather can greatly affect its quality of service. If you’re wondering how it’s like when it rains, CONNECTme has shared a video of a speed test that’s conducted while it’s raining.

With a laptop hooked up to a modem and a satellite dish, they managed to achieve 19.47Mbps downloads with an upload speed of 0.83Mbps. This is higher than its advertised download speed of 15Mbps.

Obviously, ping is very high as it takes a quarter of a second (250ms) to reach the satellite (one-way). So it’s not great for gaming but CONNECTme says it’s more than enough for VOIP and live streaming. It’s worth pointing out that the rain wasn’t really that heavy during their test and the connection could get disrupted with heavy downpours.

In case you missed it, CONNECTme’s satellite broadband starts from RM450/month for 25GB or RM25/GB for on-demand usage. You can learn more about the service in our announcement post.

Alexander Wong