You can turn off Apple’s intentional slowdown on older iPhones with a new iOS update

A couple of weeks ago, Apple had admitted that they were intentionally slowing down older iPhones with a bad battery. That had created a furore as it was perceived by some as a way to get existing users to upgrade to their latest iPhone.

According to Apple, the move was necessary to prevent sudden iPhone shutdowns and to squeeze as much battery life from a faulty battery. Those affected can regain their full performance by swapping their iPhone battery for a new one. As a gesture of goodwill, Apple has offered discounted battery replacements for the iPhone 6 and above.

In an interview with ABC News, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has shared that there will be a new iOS update which will give users the visibility of the health of their iPhone battery. It will be transparent and users will be aware that Apple is reducing their iPhone performance to avoid unnecessary shutdowns.

He added that if you don’t want this, you can turn it off. Apple won’t recommend it but it will be an option for users to disable the slowdown. You can watch Tim Cook’s explanation in the video below around the 4:30 mark.

To have this option is good news and you can soon force your old iPhone to run at full speeds regardless of the condition of your battery. Most importantly it keeps their users informed about what’s going on with their iPhone. The disable throttling option is expected to be released with their developer beta in February and it could be available as a final public release sometime in March.

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In the meantime, if you plan to replace your current iPhone battery, it will cost you RM129 in Malaysia inclusive of labour charge and GST. It is available at Machines and Switch service centres.


Alexander Wong