Samsung may have the best Windows Mixed Reality headset yet

Samsung already makes some of the best smartphone-powered virtual reality headsets that are designed to be used with their flagship Galaxy smartphones. Now, the company is kicking things up a notch with their brand new Windows Mixed Reality headset, the HMD Odyssey.

And from the looks of things, this is an impressive headset.

The Odyssey is a head-mounted display and pair of motion controllers that go for USD499 (around RM2,110). This Mixed Reality headset uses a pair of 3.5″ OLED displays that push an impressive resolution of 1600×1400 pixels at 90/60Hz with a 110-degree field of view.

It also comes equipped with built-in AKG headphones that come with 360-degree spatial sound for proper surround sound. What’s more, there’s also a two mic array that users can use to communicate with other people as well as issue voice commands. Further, it’s got an IPD adjuster built in so you can adjust the distance between the two lenses for a sharper image.

The motion controllers, on the other hand, looks like someone stuck onion rings on top of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con. It actually looks really futuristic and pretty cool but good looks are only part of the story. Samsung’s boasting that their new headset will give users the very best experience right out of the box.

As a result, the Odyssey should be a simple plug and play headset. Samsung says you don’t need to set up sophisticated cameras or motion sensors in your room and you won’t have a restricted play area. Just stick it in your PC and you’re good to go. Its also equipped with six degrees of freedom 6DOF sensors so you can have more natural movements.

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This headset will be available later this year in the US, China, Korea, Brazil and Hong Kong. There’s no information on whether this headset will make its way to Malaysia.