Apple’s new macOS High Sierra update is now available

macOS High Sierra available to download

Apple has just released its latest High Sierra update (10.13) for the Mac and it delivers significant improvements for storage, video and graphics. If you’re using a Mac from 2009 or newer, you should be able to get it today.

macOS High Sierra brings more efficiency and reliability when it comes to storage. The new Apple File System (APFS) which replaces HFS Plus offers support for the latest high-capacity storage devices with better performance, security and reliability. Common storage tasks such as duplicating files and finding the total storage size of a folder can be done in an instant. On top of that, your data is also protected from power outages and system crashes with its new advanced data integrity features.

Like the latest iOS 11, macOS Sierra supports High-Efficiency Video Codec (H.265). This delivers high-quality 4K videos with 40% less storage compared to H.264 standards. As a result, 4K videos can stream better and it uses less storage without compromising on quality.

The latest macOS comes with Metal 2. This not only taps onto your GPU but it also gets additional support for machine learning. Apple is also enabling external GPU support via Thunderbolt 3.

macOS High Sierra finally supports VR which will enable developers to create 3D/VR content on their Macs. It is optimised to support valve’s SteamVR and HTC Vive VR headset. Soon, you’ll also be able to import, edit and export 360 videos on Final Cut Pro X.

The new update also brings a revamped Photos app and you can also edit Live Photos taken on the iPhone. For web browsing, Safari is now smart enough to block cookies that are used for advertising and it can disable audio from playing automatically on your browser. Similar to iOS 11, Siri on the Mac now speaks more naturally as well.

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It is recommended that you perform a backup before you upgrade. If you’re on your Mac, just visit this page and hit the download button.

You can learn more about the macOS High Sierra upgrade process over here.

Alexander Wong