Hands-on comparison: Mi MIX vs Mi MIX 2

Mi MIX vs MIX 2

The Mi MIX 2 is finally official but what’s it like compared to the original model? We managed to get some hands-on time at Xiaomi’s event, so read on for our side by side comparison.

The Mi MIX 2 is noticeably smaller as it now gets a 5.99″ screen instead of 6.4″ and the aspect ratio is different as well. The original MIX had a 17:9 aspect ratio while the new model gets a more widely accepted 18:9 display aspect ratio. As a result, the screen resolution is now 2160×1080.

Looking at the bottom, the chin is slightly smaller and the front camera located at the bottom edge looks less noticeable with its darker lens.

Over at the back, you still get the “MIX DESIGNED BY MI/XIAOMI” text written across the centre. Meanwhile, the camera module now gets a slight bump with a 18K gold plated ring around it.

Both the MI MIX and the MI MIX 2 uses USB Type-C for charging and data transfer but the MIX 2 is now lacking a headphone jack like its newer Mi 6 flagship smartphone.

So which is better? According to Rory who is on location, the original MIX still feels more premium in the hands. The standard MIX 2 (non-special edition) now uses an aluminium frame and it isn’t as nice to touch as a full ceramic body on the original MIX. He also added that the bezels appear to be thicker on the MIX 2 compared to the original MIX. It’s worth pointing out that the MIX 2 special edition that comes with a full ceramic body is slightly narrower and shorter than the standard model.

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However, the MIX 2 is the more practical phone. It’s smaller, lighter and it feels like a proper phone that you can use as a daily driver. Stay tuned for his first impressions post. For the full specs, you can refer to our MIX 2 announcement post.

Alexander Wong