DJI’s new drone is much smaller than the Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro is probably the best drone you can buy right now. It’s easy to use, shoots 4K videos and it’s ultra portable thanks to its foldable design. Now, the Shenzhen-based company is going even smaller with its upcoming drone that’s called the Spark.

From the pictures, the new drone appears to have fixed arms but it’s significantly smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro with its arms stretched out. Although it has an array of sensors at the bottom as well as the front, the camera appears to be simpler as it could only tilt up and down.

Looking at the size and build, this could be a budget alternative to the DJI Mavic Pro which is currently priced at around RM4,500. It is also speculated that the DJI Spark could be either a dedicated selfie or racing drone. If it’s meant for racing, it should be compatible with DJI’s FPV Goggles. At the rear, there’s an open slot for microUSB port and a microSD slot. The controller hasn’t been revealed yet but you could control the drone using your smartphone.

Check out some of the leaked videos below:

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Alexander Wong