Apple’s October Mac event is official. New MacBook Pro?


After the iPhone, it’s now finally back to the Macs as Apple sends out invites to their latest event that’s been set for next week. The event, titled “hello again” could be the one every MacBook Pro user has been waiting for.


Based on the invitation, the event will be taking place on the 27th of October 2016 at the Apple campus in Cupertino. For Malaysians, there’s a live stream here on the 28th of October at 1am. The title “hello again” is a reference to the 1984 introduction of the Mac which came with the title “hello”.

So what can you expect? Well, for starters, all the rumours and leaks point towards a brand new MacBook Pro that’s been completely redesigned. Mac Rumours expects a brand new OLED touch panel built into the top of the MacBook Pro’s keyboard, replacing the existing row of physical function keys. This OLED touch panel is said to provide contextual buttons based on whatever app that is currently running.


Other changes could include a new chassis that ditches the USB Type-A ports, the HDMI port, the SD card slot as well as the MagSafe connector. Instead, the new MacBook Pro is said to utilise four USB Type-C ports for connectivity. Many have complained about this because USB Type-C isn’t the most widely adopted standard right now and it would be rather inconvenient to carry a bunch of adapters around until it is. Whether the headphone jack will return is still a toss up.

Besides that, the MacBook Pro is also said to feature Touch ID, USB 3.1 speeds and will come in both 13-inch and 15-inch sizes. It’s also rumoured that the MacBook Pro will come with a pressure-sensitive trackpad, as well as an all new keyboard that utilises Apple’s butterfly key mechanism (like on the 12-inch MacBook).

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Going beyond the MacBook Pro, iMore believes that we could also see a bumped 27-inch iMac, but they’re not holding out hopes for a revamped MacBook Air, Mac Mini or Mac Pro. Still, until things are official, everything here is still a rumour.

One thing’s for sure, we’ll be covering Apple’s event diligently so stay tuned for all the updates!

Before that, let us know what you think of Apple’s new event in the comments below. Are you looking forward to a new MacBook Pro?

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