TM UniFi Advance subscription now starts from RM199/month


Are you planning to subscribe to UniFi? You’ll have to pay more each month as they have revised the pricing for its current UniFi Advance offering for 30Mbps and 50Mbps. When TM introduced these plans in October last year, they were offered at an introductory price of RM179/month for 30Mbps and RM229/month for 50Mbps.

Effective 1st April, the base 30Mbps UniFi Advance is going for RM199/month and if you want faster speeds, it will cost you RM249/month.


While the subscription fee is higher, TM has thrown in a couple of extras for better value. Voice calls are now included, giving you 600 minutes of calls for domestic use. After you’ve finished your voice plan minutes, you can enjoy free calls to all TM fixed line numbers, while other numbers including mobile are charged at 10sen/minute. Previously all voice calls are charged at a higher 20 sen/minute and if you do make a lot of calls, the same Voice Pack will cost you an optional RM20/month.

In addition to its free 1 year iflix offer, TM is also giving all subscribers free Viu subscription for 3 months. In terms of connectivity, UniFi has already doubled its upload speeds compared to its initial launch offering. The 30Mbps plan now offers 10Mbps upload (previously 5Mbps) while its higher 50Mbps plan is giving 20Mbps (previously 10Mbps).

TM UniFi Plans
TM UniFi Advance 30Mbps – RM199/month
TM UniFi Advance 30Mbps + HyppTV Jumbo Pack – RM229/month

TM UniFi Advance 50Mbps – RM249/month
TM UniFi Advance 50Mbps + HyppTV Jumbo Pack – RM279/month

TM UniFi Advance 100Mbps – RM299/month (Normal: RM329)
TM UniFi Advance 100Mbps + HyppTV Jumbo Pack – RM329/month (Normal: RM359)

For even faster speeds, TM now has a 100Mbps Pro Plan that’s offered at RM299/month (Normal: RM329/month). To sweeten the deal, TM will be giving 1 month free subscription for all plans if you register online.

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For existing customers, you’ll still continue to enjoy the same promotional rates until probably when your 24-month contract is up. Note that all pricing mentioned here are before 6% GST. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our Fibre Broadband Plan comparison.

Alexander Wong