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McDonald’s is giving you a VR experience with their Happy Meal


2016 looks to be the year Virtual Reality hits an all time high with many major companies set to launch their VR headsets this year. There’s Oculus, HTC, Sony and now, the company you’ve all been waiting for: McDonald’s.

…wait a minute.

Yep, McDonald’s Sweeden has launched a promotion inviting kids to turn their Happy Meal boxes into VR headsets the few simple steps outlined in the video below:

Simple, just tear along the perforated edges and fold. Then insert the included VR lens and your smartphone.

It was only recently that smartphones manufacturers decided to use the boxes their devices ship in as VR goggles, but it looks like McDonald’s has already caught on to the trend. It is worth noting that this is only a trial run for the Happy Goggles, but there is a chance that these boxes find their ways into more McDonald’s outlets in the future.

Although designed to tie in with the Swedish “Sportlov” holiday when many families go skiing, these goggles will also work for any other VR content.


It’s nowhere near as technologically advanced as the Rift or the Vive, but if it’s as functional and basic as Google Cardboard, I could totally see it working as a distraction for kids. That is if you can get over the smell of fries and its accompanying grease.

Well, look at it this way, if you’re watching a VR video about fries being deep fried, you get the smell with the video — that’s a 4D virtual reality experience right there.