Pebble’s smartwatches get a bunch of improvements with a new update


Wildly popular crowd-funded smartwatch brand Pebble has just released a new firmware update for every smartwatch in its family. The new update brings a host of goodies including an improved Pebble Health app, improved messaging functions, better performance, an improved Watch-only mode, plus, it now gives you superpowers!

Okay, maybe not that last bit, but definitely everything else. First off, the Pebble Health app gets support for Health-enabled watch faces, set to arrive on the Pebble app store. Besides that, the app’s makers say that it is now “more accurate overall” and supports the option to show step distance in kilometers.

This update also brings an improvement to MMS messages — they now show descriptive icons and any text included. To keep the older Pebble Time and Time Steel up to speed, they’ve gotten some speed improvements which should mean smoother and quicker overall performance. “Under the hood fixes and stability improvements” have also been released with this update.

Watch-Only mode also gets a nice bump in power optimisation. This improved version should keep Pebble’s smartwatches working for longer when the battery is running the low.

Finally, the Pebble Time app for Android sports a new Reply to call with SMS feature. This means smartwatch owners can reply faster to texts with a voice note, emoji or custom message.