Donald Trump wants to change how Apple manufactures its devices


All-around good guy and GOP candidate Donald Trump, knows his way around a business. He’s earned billions by making business decisions in his own companies and thinks he’s the best man to seek business advice from. In this case, the way Apple’s manufacturing system operates.

Speaking to an audience at Liberty University earlier today, Mr Trump as he’s so fondly referred to on the Apprentice, shared some of his insights on how to make Apple more American.

We’re not talking about Apple Pie here.


Imposing his good-sense, he began by suggesting businesses who produce goods out of the country should be hit by a 35% tax for putting their factories overseas. This is the same man who supposedly supports free trade. The front-runner for the Republican Party ended by saying:

“We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers in this country instead of other countries.”

Remember, this man has a net worth of an estimated 4.5 billion USD and he’s built an empire worthy enough to shout about but what about Apple? Well, the Cupertino-based outfit achieved sales over US$ 200 billion, with a net profit of US$ 45 billion and have assets accumulating to that of US$ 260 billion. So who really has the bigger piggy bank here?


To suggest that Apple throws aside deals with Foxconn (full list here) and others is just plain silly. Regardless if Trump were to become President or not, he’d have to push for new legislations that allow him to have those fundamental powers in the first place.

It’s a given that Apple utilises overseas supply partnerships because other parts of the world simply have bigger factories, a larger workforce and overall bigger set up. The makers of the iPhone outsource their labour and manufacturing because it maximises profit.


Trump is not shy to make outlandish remarks every typical day while on stage but for him to do this would require a method to penalise these companies. To the extent that he’ll have to convince them America match China’s production capabilities – in its own, requires a lot of funding and implementation.

Sure, if Apple decided to be more-American (if there’s ever such a thing), it would spur the local economy – more jobs will be available, worker conditions would likely be better than that of Foxconn’s and you’ll get “Made in America” on devices.

You can watch the whole segment below:

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Skip over to 1:05:00 when Trump makes his appearance on stage

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