Compared: iPhone 6s Telco Offers in Malaysia


Another year and another iPhone has finally arrived. The iPhone 6s will be available in Malaysia officially this Friday, 16th October at 12:00AM. If you’re looking to buy one on contract, it is available from all 4 telcos namely Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile. This is the fastest iPhone 6s roll out yet for Malaysia and it is also the most extensive in terms of contract options.

With U Mobile coming into the picture, they have shaken things up a little with its lower commitment plans and an interesting Microcredit financing option. For Maxis, it still retains the same iValue Plan offering that comes with bundled calls, text and SMS. However for those who make lots of phone calls, they are also making its MaxisONE Plan available as well. Celcom on the other hand has the simplest approach with just 3 FIRST plan options that come with its OPTIMISER feature.

Last but not least is Digi where they are bundling the iPhone 6s with their new SmartPlan that can be have with either more data or more voice and SMS. In terms of contract duration, majority of the plans are on 24 months with exception for Maxis and Digi where they do have 12 months option for selected plans.

So which telco should you go for? We’ve gathered the plans and device pricing from all 4 telcos for your easy reference. Check them out after the break.

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iPhone 6s Plans below RM130/month compared

iPhone 6s Plans RM130/month and above compared


Full Comparison by Telco


Extra Telco Offers

For consistency, we compared the permanent non-promo bundles from each plan with its pricing without the 6% GST. Do note that the above minimum cost of ownership is just a guide and it is based on the assumption that you don’t incur additional usage on top of what has been included with the plan. On Maxis, they are giving 1GB extra for 6 months on its highest MaxisOne 188 plan. On top of that, they are also giving 4 months of additional 1GB for 4G LTE use only for the MaxisONE Plan as well.

Digi on the other hand is giving 2GB of extra data for 12 months in conjunction with its current Smart Plan promo. Following closely behind is Celcom where they are giving 1GB extra of free data for 12 months.

During sign up, most of these telcos would require an upfront payment, which is basically like a deposit that would be used to offset your upcoming bills. For U Mobile, they do offer a waiver for the advance payment but you’ll need to pay the device by credit card and sign up for their auto-debit billing feature.

Pick the right plan first

Before committing to a plan on contract, it is always recommended to pick one that suits your needs. The iPhone 6s is obviously cheaper on the highest plan and you might end up paying more than what you actually need. Apart from the calls, SMS and data offering, there are other things to consider such as network quality, customer service and other value added services including international roaming. For those who can’t afford to pay so much upfront, U Mobile offers the flexibility with Microcredit which you can determine its duration and amount. However do note that this works like a personal loan and there’s an interest of approximately 1.2%. As usual, if you spot any errors in the table above, do let us know in the comments above.

Buying without Contract

Considering the iPhone is more expensive than before, getting one with a telco contract would garner more savings provided that you get the right plan. However for those who prefer to get it outright, an iPhone 6s is priced officially from RM3,199 for the base 16GB model. Below is the full iPhone pricelist in Malaysia right now:

Alexander Wong