This hands-free Tinder concept app uses your heart to swipe your crush

Apple Watch tinder

What happens when you take the Tinder app and stuff it on a device with a heartbeat sensor? you essentially get a hands free Tinder experience that runs by your heart instead of your head.

Most of the time, when we pop up Tinder we are using our brains (and eyes, mostly) to pick a potential date, but this app concept from T3 uses your Apple Watch ‘s pulse sensor to deduce whether or not to swipe left or right.

Video after the break.

How this works is the app shows you pictures and profiles as usual but uses the Apple Watch SDK to make use of the pulse sensor to detect even minor heart rate elevations. In a nutshell, the app decides whether to swipe left or right based on how “excited” your heart gets when presented with a potential candidate.

Granted working just based on your basal reactions to pictures of pretty people doesn’t entirely sound like it might work, but its a pretty novel concept on its own.

The app is still in the concept phase for now, but you can check out the video below to get a peek at how it could work. So do you think this would make a good app for the Apple Watch?