AirAsia now lets you tweet from 30,000ft in the air


In addition to AirAsia’s on-board WiFi service, you can now use Twitter in the air. Powered by Rokki, the in-flight WiFi service was initially introduced just for basic messaging. This lets you access popular IM apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE and Kakaotalk, while Viber will be supported soon.

Now they have added Twitter into its list and you can subscribe to it at RM9/flight. Do take note that there’s a quota of just 3MB and speeds will be throttled after that. Not all AirAsia flights are supported and it is currently available at about 4,000 flights each month which AirAsia is still working on expanding its availability. According to its FAQ, GST will be imposed for domestic travel within Malaysia and it will be exempted for international flights.

Would you spend RM9 on a flight for basic internet access just for messaging?

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