HTC rolls out One M9 update to fix camera and battery issues


As promised previously, HTC is rolling out fix to improve the camera performance of its One M9 flagship. The One M9 was launched with a larger 20MP shooter but it pales in comparison to other flagships like the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 that uses a lower pixel count camera.

With the new software update carrying the version 1.40.401.5 (still based on Android 5.0.2), it has a greater auto-exposure balance to improve overexposure and it also claims to have reduce noise and blur levels in low light conditions. Photos should get true to life colours as the update reduces the yellow and green hues that were apparent in extreme lighting conditions.

In the performance department, the update has cut down power utilisation by YouTube and Facebook. As a result, you should expect longer battery life if you use these 2 apps often. For charging, HTC has tweaked its thermal management, so it should stay cool while being plugged in.

The HTC One M9 update is being pushed to users in Taiwan a few weeks ago and it will be trickling in to the rest of the world soon. For Malaysia, HTC has brought in the slightly larger HTC One M9+ and they have started pushing a software update (version 1.61.707.4) weighing 382.5MB. There’s no details of its full changelog but the description merely states system enhancements along with important bug fixes. Hopefully this would improve the battery life as our One M9+ unit with its Quad HD display lasted an average of 8-9 hours on single charge.

To check for updates, you can head over to Settings > About > Software Updates.