Compared: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge telco offers in Malaysia


Which telco offers the best deal for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge in Malaysia? With Celcom, Digi and Maxis starting pre-orders today, we’ve compared the plan offerings so that it is easier for you to decide.

The Galaxy S6 retails at RM2,599 (RM2,452 without GST) and its premium S6 edge goes for RM3,099 (RM2,924 without GST). Obviously that’s a lot to pay for a smart phone so getting it from a telco could be a more worthwhile option with the extra subsidies.

No doubt you probably might to fork out almost the similar amount inclusive of the advance payments during sign up, but you’ll get more savings in the long run, provided that the plan actually fulfill your needs. All 3 telcos are offering the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge only in 24 months contract duration.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Telco Plans


Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Telco Plans


In terms of plan offering, Maxis is only offering a single MaxisOne plan option which comes with unlimited calls and SMS to all numbers. For the Galaxy S6 edge, you would need to get the plan with an extra 1GB data which costs a total of RM158/month. Meanwhile, Digi offers the most number of plans ranging from RM78 to RM148 per month. These are the newly revamped smart plans where you can pick to have more calls or data in your monthly usage. For Celcom, the latest flagships are bundled with its First Postpaid plans that comes with a rather clever OPTIMISER feature. Unlike Digi’s plan where you need to decide for more internet or SMS, Celcom’s OPTIMISER actually self adjusts according to your usage in the month.

For consistency, all numbers above are listed before the 6% GST but we’ve included a total cost of ownership for 24 months with 6% for better reference. Take note that this comparison is based on plan offering and bundled price only. The minimal cost is based on the assumption that you won’t be exceeding its monthly allocation and it would definitely cost more if you exceed or use additional services from the telco. As always, sound off in the comments if you spot any errors on the table above.

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Both Maxis and Digi offers online orders while Celcom would require you to do so at their selected outlets. Most of the telcos are throwing in a free wireless charger for early pre-orders which stocks last. To secure your unit, you can visit the following links:
Celcom Galaxy S6 / S6 edge Pre-order
Digi Galaxy S6 / S6 edge Pre-order
Maxis Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 edge Pre-order

For those who prefer getting it without contract, you can pre-order online from links below:
Samsung Malaysia Galaxy S6 / S6 edge Pre-order
SenHeng Galaxy S6 / S6 edge Pre-order

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