Here’s the reason why the New HTC One has Two Cameras


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The All New HTC One comes with a dual-camera set up as seen from the countless number of leaks. The real purpose of having two cameras has remained a mystery but now it seems that we’ve finally found an answer.

GSMArena has received a leaked brochure from Australian telco Telstra that’s offering the new alumninium clad HTC One on contract. The Camera is listed as “Duo Camera” which allows seamless editing after taking the shot. It adds on that you can choose where to focus, highlight areas desired, soften backgrounds as well as adding 3D effects.

As some had speculated earlier, the twin camera set up is said to consist of a Wide Angle + Tele Lens which somewhat offers a “hardware” version of Nokia’s Refocus and Samsung’s Selective Focus feature.

The front of the HTC One is also listed as having a 5″ Full HD display that’s resistant to scratches. On Telstra, the new HTC One is priced at A$840 outright which is about RM2,486 when converted directly.

If Telstra already has a brochure ready even before the phone has been announced, could this mean that the new HTC One could go on sale almost immediately after its 25th of March announcement? Samsung and Sony will start selling their flagship smart phones in April and who knows the Taiwanese maker might just surprise us by selling the new HTC One much earlier than the rest.