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HTC is Setting the Bar High for the M8


Apart form winning an award and announcing a couple of phones, HTC had nothing much to show at Mobile World Congress this year but that hasn’t stopped the brand from making a lot of noise.

A great deal of this attention seeking behavior is related to an announcement that HTC will be making on March 25 to reveal its Galaxy S5 contender. Codenamed M8 the new HTC flagship is rumorued to feature a 5-inch display with on screen buttons, an aluminium unibody design, dual front speakers with BoomSound and the latest Snapdragon 800 series quad-core processor. But by far the most interesting of all of these rumours is the M8’s dual-array rear camera which HTC has confirm is true and is developed to improve camera zoom performance.

Whatever it is HTC is setting the bar really high with the M8. In response to the launch of the Galaxy S5, HTC had no qualms about letting people know what it thought about Samsung’s new phone. And today, HTC released a teaser on its Google+ page with a confident message that its new device will be better than what its competitors have announced at Mobile World Congress this year.

HTC genuinely impressed us back in 2013 when it revealed the One with its sleek aluminium unibody, innovative dual front speaker design and intuitive user interface. The HTC One was and still is one of our favourite and highly recommended smartphones but other HTC devices launched after that have failed to impress.

So can HTC repeat the success of the HTC One? Its saying that it can but the competition is fierce and it will need something really special in every aspect to set itself apart. Do you think HTC can pull it off?