VIDEO: Closer look at iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S features


The iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S was just revealed early this morning. To recap, the iPhone 5C is released as a colourful equivalent of the current iPhone 5 which has been discontinued immediately after the keynote event. It packs similar hardware including the same 4″ Retina Display, A6 processor, 8MP camera and comes with a choice of 5 colours.

The anticipated iPhone 5S is its refreshed flagship device with key changes on processor, imaging and security. Instead of packing more cores, Apple had instead went with a new A7 chip which is based on 64-bit architecture which boast better performance provided of course if the app supports 64-bit. Existing 32-bit apps are backward compatible as well. While it retains the same 8MP main and front facing 1.2MP camera, the iPhone 5S focuses on bigger pixel size. The main camera sensor has a pixel size of 1.5 micron while the front facing cam is 1.9 micron.

Last but not least is the new home button which now doubles up as a fingerprint scanner that’s dubbed as Touch ID. The beauty of Touch ID is its discreet design yet it recognises fingerprints in various orientation. You can read up more of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in our earlier post.

The iPhone 5C and 5S will be available on 20th September in the US, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the UK. For the rest of us, Apple said it will be available in 100 countries by end of 2013.

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iPhone 5C

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