Celcom’s Home Fibre Offerings Revealed

Celcom makes it as the third mobile operator to enter the home fibre market with its very own FTTH packages called “Celcom Home First”. The operator offers four packages ranging from a 4mbps/RM128/month “Lite” package to the top-of-the-line 24mbps/RM318/month “Pro” package.

Unlike TM’s triple-play (video, internet and voice) UniFi, Celcom’s fibre product offers internet and fixed voice in one connection which is similar to the FTTH products from Maxis and P1. Similar also to Maxis, Celcom Home First subscribers get additional mobile minutes if they have a Celcom postpaid line as well.

If you don’t already know this, all of the mobile operators currently offering FTTH packages ride on TM’s existing HSBB infrastructure, so in terms of coverage and availability, we assume that where TM’s UniFi is available, Celcom, Maxis and P1 are available as well.

Comparison at a glance
Just looking at the plan without taking into account the bundled minutes etc, the Celcom First Home appears to be costlier compared to Maxis just by speed and data quota alone. But it’s important to point out that no operator currently has implemented FUP for their fibre packages, so essentially these plans don’t have a data quota at the moment.

Also, currently Maxis is running a very attractive promotion that offers its 10mbps package for just RM138/month if you’re a Maxis subscriber or RM148/month if you’re not. Comparing that to Celcom’s entry-level Lite plan (RM128/month), adding just RM20 more with Maxis (assuming you’re not a Maxis subscriber) would give you more than twice the connection speed and monthly data quota.

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Of course this is not a fair comparison because what Maxis is offering currently for its 10mbps line is a limited time promotion but it’s worth getting considering how cheap a 10mbps fibre line with Maxis is.

In any case, we’ll crunch the numbers and put out a proper plan-by-plan comparison soon. Stay tuned for that. More details on the Celcom Home First packages after the jump.

On a side note, a LowYat.net forumer pointed out an interesting anomaly in the Celcom Home Fibre FAQ section. What is it? See right after the jump.

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How the Celcom Home First packages stack up against Maxis and TM (click for large image)

FAQ Anomaly #1


FAQ Anomaly #2


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