HTC One series: DiGi and Maxis Listed as Official Carriers for April Launch

UPDATE: HTC One X, One S and One V specification and features compared.

We’re pretty sure that many of you are looking forward to the launch of the HTC One series here in Malaysia. We’re pretty stoked about the three devices as well. HTC look like they’ve gotten their act together and will be bringing a lot of awesome for this year, and that’s always a good thing for all of us gadget junkies.

At the launch, HTC says the One series will begin shipping globally in April. In addition, the devices are expected to be available through more than 140 mobile operators and distributors globally. Are Malaysian telcos included in this list of 140 operators?

Why yes, tipster @TheGadgetGuy18 pointed us to the press release page for the HTC One series and found some interesting nuggets of information — DiGi and Maxis are listed in the 140 mobile operators that will be getting the newly announced HTC devices.

We’ve spoken to a few people in the know and you can definitely expect the One X, S and V to be available here by April. In terms of pricing, we don’t have any information on that yet but the top of the line One X with the quad-core Tegra 3 should not go beyond the RM2.3k mark.

Super duper thanks to @TheGadgetGuy18 for the tip.

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