Live Pic: Celcom’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Firesale

UPDATE: Added more pics from event. Samsung Celcom had thrown some extra surprises with 25 people getting it for RM99 with someone even getting it for FREE. Also as informed by reader @matjoedotcom, the creative couple with their “hantaran” didn’t managed to get it for RM99.

The moment that most people have been waiting for is finally here. Since last night, there was already people lining up for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 firesale at [email protected], Mutiara Damansara.

Good thing that these Galaxy Tab 10.1 hopefuls need not continue to line up standing for the rest of the day as Celcom has provided numbers and waiting area. This is a good move especially during Ramadan month. Samsung has shared several photos of the event as well.

Head after the break for more pics, including someone who gets a little bit creative to be in the running for the limited RM99 tablet.

The queue extends all the way to the Curve
Waiting area
The first 3 in line
This guy is getting married soon and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is among the list of "hantaran" (dowry). Can he get the RM99 unit?
He's got everything, even a Galaxy S II. Good luck!
Low Yik Ming, the first in line was lucky enough to get the Tab 10.1 for FREE with free cover
Not just 20 but 25 lucky ones that got it for RM99

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