Yes 4G data rebates for higher usage


More details are beginning to surface on twitter as the clock ticks closer towards the 6:00PM launch. Earlier on we had a glimpse of the yes 4g rates that’s 9 sen for 3MB of data/1 min of calls and per SMS. Now the rebates for data has been revealed which reduces the RM30 / GB pricing that many find expensive.

So does this make it more worthwhile for the heavy data user? Read on more after the jump.


From the rebate table above, usage above 2.5GB gives you a RM9 rebate which effectively reduces it to RM26.40 per GB. Upon reaching 3.0GB, the rate goes further down to RM22.50 per GB. The final step is for usage above 4.0GB which reduces the data usage down to RM21 per GB. With this in mind, we calculated the rebate and the final pricing by usage will be seen as above.

We also compare them with the rest of the mobile internet players such as DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile.

Mobile Internet Usage

From the table above, it is cheaper than what we expected before however U Mobile’s U40 and U68 turns out to be a better deal for 2GB and 5GB respectively. When you reach 6.0GB, previous Maxis users on the RM99 Unlimited data plan has a better edge at only RM99 compared to yes’s RM126.

Mobile Broadband Usage

The same story as well when compared to other data only Mobile Broadband plans.

To sum it up, if your mobile internet usage is below 5GB, yes is cheaper, with exception of U Mobile UB40 that comes with 2GB. U Mobile seems to be offering the best cost per GB among all players but bare in mind that yes and U Mobile have limited coverage compared to the bigger boys such as DiGi, Celcom and Maxis. There are 2 more aspects to consider before jumping the bandwagon, namely coverage and speed. For those who are looking forward to yes as a replacement for your fixed broadband, you’ll be sadly disappointed. The heavy downloads will be better off with the current Fixed broadband offering such as UniFi, Streamyx and even P1.

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