New broadband plans from Celcom — a quick analysis

Before you read further, we’re going to tell you straight up, don’t bother. Almost every other telco is offering a better deal compared to the latest broadband offering from Celcom.

Here’s the breakdown.

On the surface the new plans from Celcom offer pricing that’s competitive with its competitors but when you drill in deeper you’ll see that the boys in blue a shortchanging you on speed. Celcom is not just capping data but also capping speed with the price plans when other telcos are already going “speed free”, meaning for whatever plan you subscribe, you are entitled to the best speed you can get on their network.

And this makes sense because charging users based on speed is just plain stupid. It’s like paying for a litre of milk but you’re not guaranteed a litre, you could get 500ml, 200ml or you could very well get nothing.

On top of that, you there’s a RM100 registration fee, which is just ridiculous.

Looking at this we can’t really recommend the plans from Celcom, Maxis offers better value by some margin and if you want to go with prepaid, the best value for money prepaid in the market right now is U Mobile. And if you don’t like Maxis or U Mobile, DiGi at least gives you more GB for your money.

Bottom line, stay away from Celcom if you want the best value for mobile broadband. But if you’re still interested, click here to check out the details on Celcom’s official site.