Internet is expensive: iPad 3G users paying through their noses for data

Data released by Tableau, a firm that specializes in data analysis, business intelligence and data visualization, shows that iPad 3G users in Europe and the US are paying as much as RM80/GB of data used on average.

On the other end of the spectrum, Singaporeans are enjoying some of the world’s cheapest data rates when it comes to plans tied to the iPad 3G. On average Singaporeans are paying as low as RM1.20/GB.

That’s even cheaper than Malaysia. Although the iPad is not officially sold here, a quick look around the local broadband plan pricing reveal that we’re paying somewhere around RM10 – 15/GB on average.

Question is, data rates (as in the speeds) in the US and in Singapore and sometimes in Malaysia are not that much different, but why the huge discrepancy in data (as in GB) prices? Anyone can answer that?

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