Twitter App for Android available for download

Twitter has announced on its blog that they have officially released an App for Android, saying that “Robots like to share too”! You can download Twitter for Android at the Market by searching for “Twitter”.

We’ve downloaded the app and we are liking it. The Interface is simple yet packed with all the tweeting features you ever need. On the front screen, you get the latest trends appearing at the bottom.

Like any other apps, it also features notifications that checks for alerts in the background. The only downside is the lack of multiple twitter account support which you can get in Seesmic. Another limitation is that the Twitter Android is only for Android 2.1 and above.

This is just the beginning as the Twitter team promises more to come for the Android.

More screenshots and download QR code after the jump

Screen Shot Gallery

If you have Google Goggles installed, you can download the Twitter app by scanning the code below:

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