Guess what: Blackberry sees more use on weekdays, iPhone on weekends

Suprise, surprise…Blackberry users use their devices the most on weekdays while iPhone users use thier’s more on weekends. That’s the latest research released by mobile analytics people at Localytics.

In the same research, Localytics also reports that BlackBerry usage on weekends is statistically identical to usage on weekdays usage but in contrast, iPhone owners use mobile apps more frequently on weekends by as much as 40% higher than the same time Monday through Friday.

We’re not sure if the usage patterns in Malaysia are similar though as the study was conducted across millions of Blackberry and iPhone users in the US and Canada for period of over two months.

In a previous iPhone analytics study, Localytics reported that mobile app usage on the iPhone suggested that while the iPhone is making inroads as a business device, it continues to be predominantly a personal device more heavily used outside of working hours.

BlackBerry, on the other hand, continues to reach out to consumers with new devices and targeted sponsorships. However, the BlackBerry analytics study from Localytics shows that mobile app usage still appears concentrated around professional use.

With the enterprise friendly iPhone OS 4.0 coming soon, will we see the iPhone being more accepted as a business device?

For that, we’ll just have to wait and see.