Celcom’s BlackBerry Storm teaser slings a shot on iPhone 3G

The Storm is really coming and Celcom has started its pre-launch teaser campaign on its site. Now you can pre-book your BlackBerry Storm, the Ultimate all-in-one messaging and multimedia device from Celcom.


From the looks of it, Celcom is positioning this as the ultimate phone similarly to Maxis claim to fame with the iPhone 3G recently. This is even obvious when Celcom’s microsite tries to pit the Storm against iPhone 3G in a straight on comparison on features.

Fair enough that iPhone 3G comes short when it comes to mobile telephony basics such as MMS, Video recording, external memory support and changable battery but that isn’t stopping people from getting the iPhone 3G. How many people sends MMS and record video from the phones? We also disagree that Celcom notes that the iPhone doesn’t support voice dail and push mail as it does work and we believe most of the shortcomings would be eventually improved in the next iPhone 3.0 firmware update.

The iPhone 3G and Blackberry Storm are great phones but it all goes down to what is more relevant to your need. For more details, visit the Blackberry Storm’s microsite.