MOH: Vaccinated man died after eating durian is fake news

The Ministry of Health (MOH) is aware of a viral message claiming that a man who has gotten his COVID-19 vaccine had died after eating durian. The Ministry has posted a public service announcement to debunk the message as fake and has urged the public not to share the message further.

The purported message said a man in a person’s garden had gotten vaccinated and have come the next day to eat durian. It suggested that the man died after eating durian and urge people to beware and to be careful.

MOH has labeled the message as fake and there have been no reports of deaths due to durians following vaccination in Malaysia. There’s also no dietary restriction that says you can’t eat durian after vaccination but of course, it is always best to consume in moderation.

If you got a vaccine appointment, there’s a consultation session with a doctor where you can ask any questions that you may have about the vaccine.

As shared by Health Minister Dr Adham Baba last week, the NPRA AEFI monitoring has received 2.4 side effect reports out of 1,000 doses administered as of 12th June 2021. That’s 0.24% of the total COVID-19 vaccines administered. Meanwhile, there are 0.09 serious side effects reported out of 1,000 doses (0.009%) and most of them have been discharged after observation and receiving treatment.

Sharing fake news about the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine can get you into some serious trouble. Recently, a housewife was fined RM5,000 under the emergency ordinance for spreading fake news about COVID-19. Meanwhile, a tuition teacher was charged for spreading fake news claiming that a police officer had died after receiving the vaccine.

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