Among Us is adding extra chaos by expanding to 15 players per lobby

In the recent Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase, an update for the popular game Among Us was announced. Among Us lobbies will be expanding from a maximum of 10 to 15 players starting 15 June 2021.

10 players per lobby might already be plenty, but it’s not hard to keep up with who’s who. Adding 5 more players into the mix as the limit is going to create a lot more chaos to your play sessions, and even more so that you can also add three imposters instead of just two.

While this can sound fun and exciting in theory, there are a few people who have voiced their concerns. Some commenters on YouTube “can’t imagine a voice chat of 15 people”. But most have just welcomed the update with open arms, asking for a “100-player Battle Royale”.

Besides the major addition to the online game, Among Us will have support for mobile controllers, the ability to honk the horn on the game’s airship level, and new colours for crewmates. The colours include tan, coral, banana, rose, grey and maroon.

The new Among Us update will be available on all the platforms that you can currently play the game with. They include PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Playstation and Xbox versions is also expected to be released this year.

If you’ve missed it, a McDonalds x BTS chicken nugget shaped like an Among Us character was sold for over RM400,000 on eBay. It was first listed for only USD 0.99 (RM4) on May 28, and received a total of 184 bids.

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