McDonalds x BTS chicken McNugget shaped like an Among Us character sold for over RM400,000

If you’re going to get a McDonalds x BTS meal anytime soon, be sure to look out for any sus-looking (man, I hated writing that) chicken nuggets. A nugget shaped like a character in the game Among Us was sold on eBay for USD 99,997 (over RM400,000).

You might be familiar with Among Us, an online multiplayer game that took the world by storm in 2020. It has since become a cultural phenomenon, but it isn’t instantly recognisable without its iconic almost Minion-like characters.

The shape of the Among Us characters—which is essentially just a little body with two stubby legs—is why that nugget was so coveted on eBay. It was first listed for only USD 0.99 (RM4) by user polizna on May 28, and received a total of 184 bids as the price skyrocketed to USD 99,997.

According to the item’s description, the winner will receive the nugget frozen and air sealed to “ensure freshness”. They also said the nugget originated from a McDonalds x BTS combo meal.

The eBay listing made its way to Twitter, and made huge waves. But quite a few netizens are convinced that no one will pay that much for a nugget—which you apparently are allowed to do on eBay, as long as you don’t repeat the offence.

The hefty-priced McDonalds nugget most likely appealed to either Among Us fans, or fans of both BTS and Among Us. Either way, I know that people have no bounds if they really want something online, like the McDonalds x BTS meal packaging found on Shopee that was sold for RM21.90.

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