Twitter Blue: Twitter’s paid subscription service lets you undo your tweets

If you’re on Twitter a lot, you’d know that the one thing we all really want is way to edit your tweets. And now, while you still can’t do that, Twitter have given us the next best thing – for a price. Twitter Blue is their new paid subscription service, and among the perks you get is the ability to undo your tweets.

While Twitter will remain free to use, for a monthly fee you’d be able to undo your tweets 30 seconds after sending it out. This means that you can fix a typo even if you’ve sent out your tweet, assuming you spot the error quick enough of course.

Other Twitter Blue features include the Bookmark Folders feature, which lets you organise the tweets you’ve saved into individual custom folders. Subscribing also unlocks the ability to customise the Twitter app icon and colour on your homescreen, as well as access to their dedicated Twitter Blue customer support.

Furthermore, you’d get the ability to turn on ‘Reader Mode’. Reader Mode essentially reworks long Twitter threads into an easy to read format, instead of having to jump from tweet to tweet.

Twitter is rolling Twitter Blue to just Canadian and Australian users for now, and it will be available for CAD 3.49(~RM11.92) or AUD 4.49(~RM14.35) per month. You can check out more info about Twitter Blue from their blogpost.