PSA: Celcom will suspend your SIM for two weeks if caught using unauthorised devices

Celcom seems to be cracking down hard on a small number of users that have been caught abusing their mobile plans. It appears that some Xpax Unlimited prepaid subscribers that pop-in their SIM on their wireless broadband router were given a suspension notice for two weeks.

As spotted on a B618 Owner group on Facebook, a user had received the following SMS on their wireless router’s web admin interface:

RM0 ALERT! We detected that you are still using an authorised device for your data usage and have violated Celcom’s Fair Usage Policy. As a result, your data services will be suspended for 2 weeks, in 2 days. You can refer to our Fair Usage Policy at For any enquiries, chat with us via WhatsApp Sincerely, Celcom.

The screenshot also shared another message highlighting a 20GB hotspot offer for RM10. This is an indication that the user is likely to be on an Xpax Unlimited Prepaid which offers unlimited data capped at 3Mbps for RM35/month. The plan comes with 3GB hotspot data included and Celcom is now offering 20GB of hotspot data for RM10.

It is worth highlighting that most prepaid and postpaid plans that offer unlimited data are meant to be used on your mobile devices only. The plans are not supposed to be used as a fixed wireless broadband solution for your home.

Under Celcom’s FUP, it is mentioned that you shall not use the Mobile Internet Service for “for an activity that connects any device to one or many internet-enabled devices including but not limited to computers, laptops and mobile devices for tethering or the purpose of broadcasting internet access to multiple devices, unless the mobile’s plan is explicitly designated for such usage; or for any other reason that, in Celcom’s sole and absolute discretion, violates Celcom’s policy of providing service for individual use.”

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If your home doesn’t have access to fibre broadband, Celcom wants you to subscribe to their home wireless broadband plan which starts from RM70/month for 25GB of data and 40GB of video walla. For heavy data users, their Home Wireless XL plan offers 150GB data plus 1TB of Video walla for RM150/month.

For those who are looking for a wireless broadband plan with unlimited quota, you can consider Unifi Air which costs RM79/month. Alternatively, there’s Maxis unlimited 4G Home WiFi at RM138/month. However, do note that Maxis reserves the right to limit your video streaming quality during peak hours if your usage exceeds 300GB in a month.


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