Clubhouse will no longer be an invite-only platform

The live audio-chat platform Clubhouse will no longer be an exclusive invite-only app. Clubhouse announced that they are heading for general release this summer—about two weeks after they made the app available for Android users.

Clubhouse has also noted that it now has “over 2 million Android users” after just about two weeks. The app’s invites are still required to become a Clubhouse user—but since each user gets quite a number amount of invites to give out it anyway, isn’t that hard anymore to gain access to it.

The app launched in 2020, but gained popularity in February 2021 after Elon Musk appeared on Clubhouse. It did take them a long while to expand to Android users, so for quite some time it was an app that only iOS users could access. But its appeal dissipated a bit lately for a lot of iOS users since the popularity boom.

Besides that, Clubhouse also announced that there will be a few more updates about discovery, notifications, and “less visible but very crucial improvements”. These updates will cater to an expected massive surge in usage after it no longer becomes an invite-only application.

The app also has a lot of competition when it comes to audio-chat platforms. Facebook is publicly testing Hotline—a web-based version of Clubhouse. And Twitter introduced its live own audio-chat platform Spaces—which can also be used using a web browser, be it on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Clubhouse has yet to introduce a web-based version of their platform.


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Dzamira Dzafri