Clubhouse now available to download for Android users in Malaysia

Clubhouse is finally rolling out to Android smartphone users in Malaysia. Initially offered as a beta in selected markets like the US, the popular audio chat app is now available to download in more countries including Malaysia.

To get Clubhouse on your Android device, just search for “Clubhouse” in the Google Play Store or click here to download. Take note that Clubhouse is still an invite-only platform and you’ll need to be invited by a friend to start using. You could probably give a nudge to one of your friends that is using an iPhone.

Clubhouse was initially released exclusively for iOS devices and there was a sudden surge of popularity early this year while the world is still battling the pandemic. Unlike your typical social network that uses text and photos, Clubhouse uses just voice and you can join a room to listen to a conversation.

In a nutshell, it is like attending a virtual conference where there are moderators and speakers that control the mic. Participants can be invited “on stage” to speak if are selected after raising their hands. Everything happens in real-time and there are no options for you to rewind or record the conversation.

Since then, other competitors are also trying their hands in creating a similar Clubhouse platform. This includes Hotline by Facebook and Spaces by Twitter.

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Alexander Wong