Xiaomi unveils 200W HyperCharge tech, fully charges 4000mAh battery in just 8 mins

Over the past couple of years, smartphone manufacturers have entered a battle to see who has the biggest baddest charger out there. Xiaomi has been pretty active in this regard, having previously showed off a 100W charger back in 2019. Now though, they’re back with a vengeance, revealing on Twitter a whopping 200W charger that the Chinese giants are calling Xiaomi HyperCharge.

In the video, a custom version of the Mi 11 Pro was used, which was fitted with a 4000mAh battery instead of its regular 5000mAh one. That doesn’t make the 200W HyperCharge any less impressive though, seeing as the wired Xiaomi HyperCharge charger juiced up the 4000mAh battery in just 8 minutes. To put that into perspective, Xiaomi’s previous 100W charger took 17 minutes to fully charge the same amount. And if you quite literally only had 44 seconds to charge your dead device, that’ll still get you 10% on HyperCharge.

And Xiaomi wasn’t even done with that. They also showed off a 120W wireless charging setup on the same 4000mAh device. Again, they impressed with a 0-100% charge in just under 15 minutes, having reached a half charge by 7 minutes.

That being said, there’s no word yet on if we’ll ever see it available on commercial devices, especially considering that battery degradation is probably another issue that manufacturers will have to overcome.