All ministers and deputy ministers will contribute 3 months salary to COVID-19 trust fund

During the closing of his public address this evening, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has announced that all ministers including their deputies will forgo their salaries for 3 months and the savings will be channelled to the COVID-19 disaster trust fund. The pay cut will begin starting next month, in June 2021.

The cabinet ministers had made a similar move last year where it gave up two months salary in March 2020. As reported by The Edge, the two-month pay cut is estimated to be worth RM1.8 million based on the cabinet size of one Prime Minister, 32 ministers and 37 deputy ministers.

Source: Members of Parliament (Remuneration) Act 1980

According to the Members of Parliament (Remuneration) Act 1980, a Prime Minister is entitled to a monthly salary of RM22,826.65 while the Deputy Prime Minister is entitled to draw a salary of RM18,168.15. Ministers can get a monthly salary of RM14,907.20 and their deputies are entitled to receive RM10,847.65 per month. The mentioned figures exclude allowances and other benefits.


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