Jaringan Prihatin: Digi offers the Samsung Galaxy A02 with 30GB of data for 3 months for RM100

Digi is also one of the telcos in Malaysia that lets you redeem the Jaringan Prihatin subsidy if you’re an eligible Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) recipient. Under the programme, you can get RM180 worth of telco credit for either postpaid or prepaid or get a brand new phone or tablet at RM300 off.

Prepaid Plan

On Digi Prepaid, you can redeem RM15 of credit for 12 months. In addition, Digi is also throwing in 2GB of data per day which you’ll have to redeem from the MyDigi app and it’s valid for 1 hour.

With the subsidy, you can get 15GB of data for RM15, 30GB of data with unlimited calls for RM20 or 40GB of data with unlimited calls for RM30. According to Digi, the RM180 subsidy (RM15 x 12 months) can be utilised on any prepaid plan that costs RM30 and above.

Prepaid Phone Bundle

If you need a new phone, the Digi Prihatin 35 Prepaid Bundle lets you get a free Samsung Galaxy A02 along with 30GB of data for 3 months plus 2GB daily data (valid for 1 hour) for RM100. This package will utilise the RM300 subsidy and it is only applicable for individuals or households with children aged below 18 years old.

Postpaid Plan

The RM180 telco subsidy is also available for those who want to sign up for Digi’s postpaid plan. As shown above, you can get Digi Postpaid 60 with 25GB data and unlimited calls for RM45/month.

On top of that, you also get to pick either additional 10GB of data or monthly RM5 rebate for app purchase. Digi also lets you redeem 2GB of free data daily that’s valid for 1 hour. If you prefer to subscribe to other postpaid options, the RM180 subsidy can be used on other postpaid plans priced at RM38 and above.

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Postpaid Phone Bundle

If you’re an eligible BPR recipient with children below 18 years old, you can also enjoy the RM300 device subsidy with Digi’s postpaid plan. For RM40/month on the Prihatin 40 Postpaid Bundle, you can get 10GB of data with unlimited calls along with a free Samsung Galaxy A02. If you prefer other devices, you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.0 for RM199 or the Oppo A15s for RM195.

Take note that all devices offered on the Digi Postpaid Prihatin 40 bundle are tied with a 12-month contract. During sign up, you’ll need to pay an advance payment of RM100 which will be rebated back to your monthly bill across 10 months. Under the postpaid bundle, you can also redeem the free 2GB daily data that’s valid for 1 hour.

For more info, visit Digi’s Jaringan Prihatin programme page.

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