CaltexGo lets you pay for fuel directly from your smartphone

Caltex Malaysia has quietly rolled out CaltexGo, a mobile app which allows you to pay for petrol via your smartphone in the comfort of your car. This appears to be Caltex’s answer to Setel by Petronas and you won’t have to touch the payment terminal at the petrol pump.

CaltexGo is offered for both Apple App Store (Edit: Unavailable in our region) and Google Play Store. Instead of maintaining a separate eWallet balance, CaltexGo charges directly to your debit or credit card (Mastercard and Visa) and you can add up to a maximum of 2 cards in your account. To earn BPoints, you can also link your Journey card in the app.

To make a payment, you must ensure that your phone’s location services or GPS is enabled, then select the pump number and confirm. Once you’re done, the pump will not issue a paper receipt and you’ll receive a digital copy instead. Do note that there’s a pre-authorisation hold amount of RM200 for both debit and credit cards and this will be reversed within 3 days.

Similar to Setel, you are only permitted to use the CaltexGo app within your stationary vehicle. According to Caltex, mobile phone use remains a source of distraction and they recommend leaving the phone in the vehicle while you’re refuelling. At the moment, the CaltexGo is only limited to petrol purchases and you can’t use it to shop at the convenience store.

The FAQ states that motorcyclists are not allowed to use mobile phones on their bike at the petrol station but they can use it inside the convenience store. It is also mentioned that convertible vehicle owners must put their roof up before using their phones in the car or they can proceed to the convenience store to use the app.

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As of 1st April, there are 58 stations in Malaysia that are CaltexGo enabled and more stations will be supported soon. You can find the list of participating Caltex petrol stations here.

The CaltexGo app was launched in Singapore almost three years ago and it even supports GrabPay. As tipped by our reader, Caltex Malaysia will be having an official launch event for CaltexGo very soon.

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