Will the iPhone 13 have a smaller notch?

Ah, the notch. Ever since the iPhone X, all of Apple’s iPhones (not counting the iPhone SE) have come with a notch, and for the most part, it has looked practically identical all the way through. But as we recently discussed, Apple might be appeasing some users who don’t fancy the cutaway with a new design—although there is still very much a notch in play here.

Now, new photos have surfaced, and they seemingly confirm that Apple is indeed looking to a smaller notch for the upcoming iPhone 13 series. The images, which originally surfaced on Weibo, don’t actually show the iPhone 13. Instead, we get a look at purported screen protectors for the iPhone 13, and they offer an idea on how small the notch will be in comparison to its predecessor:

As you can see, there isn’t any text or an explanation about where these are from, although DuanRui (the poster) states that the content on their account is “reposted from Chinese social media platforms”. From the images, it looks like the iPhone 13’s notch might be around 30 percent narrower than the iPhone 12’s, although as previously reported, the notch might be marginally taller to accommodate the earpiece.

You also see holes in the protector for Face ID sensors and cameras, while there is also some space so as to not block the earpiece on the iPhone 13. This should mean that there will be a little more real estate on both sides of the notch, which might just mean that we could finally have enough space for battery percentages on the home screen. Right now, you can only view the battery icon, and you have to swipe down on the control centre to actually view the specific percentage.

Besides that, it appears that the iPhone 13 will look fairly similar to the iPhone 12, with four models ranging from a 5.4″ Mini to a 6.7″ Pro Max expected. Apple has remained tight-lipped on possible specs and upgrades, but as we approach a launch sometime later this year, you can be sure that more information will begin to spring up.

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So, what do you think? Are you team notch, team hole-punch cutout, or does it simply not matter?


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