Grab Indonesia parodies Star Trek in an out-of-this-world Ramadan commercial

Grab in Indonesia posted their Star-Trek-themed Ramadan commercial on YouTube on 9 April, and it’s super impressive. It currently has more than a million views.

The video starts with an introduction of a space captain and his crew—and even their “cat, but its a robot, but it’s a cat”. Before they can even start any missions, their ship is attacked by something that looks like a giant baby head (I wish I was making this up).

The giant baby head and his henchmen “steals” the space crews’ Ramadan meals. Not having anything to break their fast with, a space crew member reveals a “Grab” button—which “orders” food across outer space to their ship.

“Yes, these hardships are all a test, but there is always a solution,” said the crew.

The video ends unresolved as they never confronted the giant baby head after receiving food from Grab. But they teased a sequel with a “To Be Continued”, so I can’t wait to watch the second parter.

Indonesia’s Gojek also released a hilarious Ramadan commercial, which was posted on Twitter. It featured recipients bursting in tears after receiving their packages, leading to a shower of tears and Gojek riders carrying umbrellas across the neighbourhood.

I currently couldn’t find any Malaysian Ramadan-themed commercials yet for this year, but Malaysia would need to step up their game. Maybe something with two giant baby heads?

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