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Is Burger King teasing its own upcoming “Zero Beef Burger”?

Burger King has been trying to appease the Malaysian masses these days—after their introduction to Pepper King to replace the hole left by McDonalds taking away Prosperity Burger from us. Burger King has also posted a teaser telling us to “stay tuned” tomorrow, 26 February 2021—leading us to believe that they might be introducing something that will compete with KFC’s Zero Chicken Burger.

We can only guess that they will come out with some sort of salmon burger. It is awfully similar to the trailer of 2019’s Salmon Mentaiko burger, so it’s most likely going to be that.

They could be using this opportunity to compete with KFC’s Zero Chicken Burger. KFC’s new meatless burger doesn’t contain any chicken, but it is neither vegan nor vegetarian. Burger King could technically use the same tactic by saying that their salmon burger “doesn’t contain any beef, and is neither vegan or vegetarian”, as well.

For now, we can only wait to see what Burger King will officially come up with. You can follow their Facebook page for any other updates on their upcoming creation.

Additionally, Burger King also posted a video to announce that they have changed its logo to its classic older design. The regular logo contains yellow buns, a blue arch, and red letters between the buns. The new classic-looking logo, however, is a cleaner-looking logo—with more orange-y brown buns and more rounded red letters.

I initially also thought that Burger King’s new logo might also be teasing their upcoming salmon burger creation, as they did it around the same time. However, it is actually Burger King’s new logo, and nothing really to do with the new menu item.

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If you’re curious about how chicken-like the Zero Chicken Burger is, head on over here. We tried both the Zero Chicken Burger and the Colonel Burger blindfolded, to see if we could tell the difference between the two.

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