Garmin Enduro: Powered by the sun for an incredible 65 days of total battery life

If you’re looking for something to accompany you on your long-distance runs, Garmin has just launched the Garmin Enduro—a smartwatch that is clearly designed for serious, endurance runners. It’s already obvious by its name, I suppose (Enduro = endurance, maybe?). Regardless, the Garmin Enduro is essentially built on the Garmin Fenix 6 platform, although it now comes with the company’s latest solar charging tech, along with a couple of new runner-focused features.

Beyond that, it’s the same size as the Garmin Fenix 6X, while you’re looking at the same transflective LCD display which pushes a 280×280 pixel resolution. The lens material used on the Enduro, just like Garmin’s other solar-charging watches, is called Power Glass. Something that’s also different here is the new UltraFit nylon strap—which makes this a significantly lighter device that the Fenix 6X. The standard, steel version weighs in at 72g including the straps, while the titanium case edition is a lighter 58g.

Up to 300 hours of battery life

Garmin says that the Enduro will last for up to 300 hours on a single charge, if you include the watch’s solar charging capabilities in the equation with Max Battery GPS mode. In regular ol’ GPS mode, you’re looking at a figure closer to 70 hours, or 80 hours with solar charging included. And in basic smartwatch mode, you’re looking at up to 65 days worth of juice with solar charging included—which is pretty staggering.

Meanwhile, the company has also tweaked some of the biometrics, particularly those that are mainly designed for endurance runners and athletes. These include a new trail-run VO2 Max metric, which will also comes with “enhanced recovery time” information. There’s also an ultrarun activity mode—which basically comes with a rest timer for more accurate monitoring of your long-distance runs.

Other features from the Fenix series are also available, such as the ClimbPro feature to give you real-time information your current (and future) climbs. Additionally, there are also improvements for ClimbPro that offer “additional awareness” with data on descents and flats. Cyclists can also use mountain biking-focused metrics, which can rate trail difficulty—and score your descents to motivate you for future trails.

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If you’re familiar with Garmin’s range of wearables, you’ll also recognise a couple of Garmin’s other monitoring features on the new smartwatch. PulseOx blood oxygen saturation, abnormal heart rate alerts, respiration rate monitoring, and even fitness age calculations are available. Of course, you also get sleep scores and stress tracking, along with the popular Body Battery feature.

Of course, this also works with the Garmin Connect app, and you’ll have access to Garmin Pay and Garmin’s other smart features. However, do note that Garmin’s contactless payment option is still not available in Malaysia, although the company was spotted testing out the feature on certain models (with certain bank cards) previously.

Price and availability

It’s certainly not cheap. There are two variants, as mentioned above: one with a stainless steel watch case, and another with a lighter, more premium titanium body. Pricing in the U.S. is as follows, with shipping to begin in two to three weeks:

– Garmin Enduro (Steel with Gray UltraFit Nylon Strap) – USD 799.99 (~RM3,232)
– Garmin Enduro (Carbon Gray DLC Titanium with Black UltraFit Nylon Strap) – USD 899.99 (~RM3,636)

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official word on Malaysian availability just yet. In recent years however, Garmin has been relatively quick in bringing official units to local stores for new models, so perhaps that bodes well for those of you who’re interested in the Garmin Enduro. What do you think? If you’re an endurance runner, or if you think this is the smartwatch for you, leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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