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Buyer’s guide: SoyaCincau’s best smartwatches to buy in 2020


As we approach the end of a very, very strange year in 2020, the holiday season is right upon us. And what better way to celebrate the festivities than with some awesome Christmas gifts? The technology world has been steadily chugging along in 2020, and we have more gadgets to choose from than ever—and some of my favourite devices this year have been smartwatches.

To me, smartwatches have evolved from novel, interesting gadgets to use “for fun” to powerful, essential wristwear for the digital generation. In fact, smartwatches as a whole can be divided into a couple of different segments: fitness bands, specialist sports watches, and “pseudo-smartwatches” (that look/feel like smartwatches, but with less functionality).

But for the average user, you might be looking for a daily driver to handle all these tasks within a single, stylish package. Which is why we’re releasing our latest buyer’s guide today! But first, let’s explain a couple of important things. This is the first in a series of wearable buyer’s guides, where we’ll talk about the best smartwatches (in our opinion) that you can buy right now for everyday use.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll also be following this up with a few more guides, as part of the series, to cover the other categories of wearables you should look at for 2020 (fitness bands, sports watches, etc).

Today’s instalment of the series will discuss “mainstream” smartwatches—covering wearables that can offer a little bit of everything, while supporting apps, or a compatible app market. For clarity, we’re separating smartwatches that are designed for more specialist use, such as Garmin’s enthusiast-centric range of sports watches, for a later guide in the series, so do remember to come back for that. Meanwhile, “pseudo-smartwatches”, as mentioned earlier, will also be shared in a separate guide.

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For your convenience, links to official/trusted stores will be provided along with each individual listing, and there will be a comparison table at the end of the guide to give you a side-by-side glance at the most important information. If you’re still struggling to come to a decision, head over to the Editor’s Choice section, where we’ll be providing SoyaCincau’s top three picks out of the list.

Ready? Start by clicking a link below.