Apple AirTags item tracker may launch in 2021, here’s a look at two potential accessories

Apple accessory makers like Nomad are starting to prepare for the launch of Cupertino company’s long-rumoured AirTags item trackers. This follows two leaked concept images of products designed for use with the tracking device.

In case you are not in the know, Apple’s AirTags are expected to be small tracking accessories that can be attached to items like bags or glasses. Rumours indicate that the item trackers will use Ultra Wideband (UWB) and augmented reality to help with users locate lost items. 

However, there is still no indication as to when is the actual release date, price or final design of the AirTags. TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecasted that Apple plans to debut the AirTags sometime in 2021, but he did not provide a specific date.

The lack of clarity in information has not stopped Nomad from preparing for an eventual launch. Leaker Evan Blass shared on Twitter two concepts for potential Nomad accessories for the AirTags. 

One accessory is a labelled as the Air Tags Keychain a small leather keychain that is designed to hold the Air Tags and provide an attachment point on to items that users want to keep track of. The second accessory is called the Air Tags Glasses Holder. It is said to have interchangeable attachment points that allows it to fit all sizes of glasses and the rubber tensioner that doubles as the Air Tags holder.

Based on the renders above, it appears that Nomad based the design of its latest products on rumours and supply chain information. Notice that the leather keychain has housing to hold a square tracking tag while the glasses strap has a circular housing. There is a chance Nomad went with two different designs in the hopes one of them matches the actual product.

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So, are you planning to buy Apple’s AirTags when they are eventually released this year? Will it help you locate your misplaced items or is it a waste of money? Let us know in the comments section.


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