Yes 4G wireless broadband plan offers 50GB data with free MiFi at RM45/month

After revamping its postpaid and prepaid plans, Yes appears to have revised its wireless broadband offering for both mobile and home broadband usage. Similar to its new Yes Kasi Up proposition, the data costs less than RM1 per GB on most of its plan options.

Yes On-The-Go broadband

The base “on-the-go broadband” starts from RM45/month for 50GB of data which is equivalent to 90 sen per GB. Interestingly, the higher plans costs slightly more per GB with the RM65/month option offering 60GB and the top of the line RM148/month plan offering 150GB.

Yes is providing a Huddle XS 4G LTE modem which looks different from its predecessor. According to a post by a dealer, the portable wireless modem supports up to 10 devices and speeds up to 50Mbps. Unfortunately, it still charges via micro-USB.

The Huddle XS is bundled for free on all plans with a 12-month contract and there’s no activation fee required. However, an advance payment of 1-month subscription is required during sign up and this amount will be rebated back to your account. You can learn more about the plan here.

Yes Home Broadband

If you need a fixed wireless broadband solution, Yes also offers a home broadband option that comes with a fixed wireless router. The entry-level plan starts at RM68/month for 70GB and the remaining higher-tier options are similar as the “on-the-go broadband” offering.

Instead of a portable wireless model, Yes is bundling its Zoom 4G LTE home modem which can connect up to 32 devices. The device is bundled over a 12-month contract but take note that there’s an activation fee of RM100 during sign up. An advance payment equivalent to 1-month subscription is also required and it will be rebated back in the 1st month. For more info, you can check out the Yes Home Broadband page.

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If you need more data quota, the top up options are quite expensive. An additional 1GB/month costs RM10 and 10GB/month extra costs RM75. As a comparison, its prepaid plan offers 1GB/day for RM1 and RM10/7 days for 10GB.

Other wireless broadband options

In terms of value, the entry level MiFi offering from Yes is quite affordable especially when compared to Digi’s wireless broadband plan which starts from RM45/month for 15GB base + 10GB of streaming data. For those who need loads of data at home especially for YouTube and Netflix streaming, Celcom’s top-of-the-line Home Wireless XL at RM150/month offers 150GB of data and 1TB quota for video and music streaming.

If you prefer to go unlimited, Maxis currently offers unlimited wireless broadband for RM138/month or RM108/month for existing postpaid customers. Another unlimited alternative is Unifi Air which costs RM79/month.

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